How feminine are we?

I've been conducting some research on how feminine people think New Zealand women are.Have your say!  Take a moment to consider these short questions and pop your answers in to a comment on this blog.  Oh, and if you're enjoying my posts, click on the left to follow me!I'll post a link to the article … Continue reading How feminine are we?

Community Parenting – I stuck my oar in.

It was pretty busy the play park yesterday, my children always opt to swing first, but since all swings were busy, we headed for the slides and tunnels, then the see-saw, then we moseyed over to wait our turn on a swing.  Pretty soon a baby swing was made available for my littlest.  Miss Nearly 4 … Continue reading Community Parenting – I stuck my oar in.

Working a haiku or senryu

I had one of those moments in the early hours when a poem comes to you and you dither between sleep and the desire to capture the poem - to reach in the dark for your pencil and notepad and scribble it down.  I didn't.  But I managed to repeat it enough to myself in … Continue reading Working a haiku or senryu

On Haiku

I love writing haiku.  Moments exploded into a nutshell is how I see them.  Like the hint of the song of a rare bird, the tiniest taste of something exquisite that fires a million thoughts.  Sometimes a haiku appears just like that - fully formed and ready to go.  Other times haiku morph and merge … Continue reading On Haiku