Thoughts on Women Returning to Work after children: PART 1

I've spoken to women who worry about whether they will be taken seriously as they return to work- or who, already back working, feel they aren't.  There's a sense that colleagues will or do think that now they are a mum, they won't have their eye on the ball.  Yes, with many of us motherhood … Continue reading Thoughts on Women Returning to Work after children: PART 1


Jumping on Castles

When we had a new washing machine delivered I kept the box.  Perfect for a new playhouse for the misses 20 months and 3-and-a-very-important-ยพ.I didnโ€™t want a playhouse advertising a manufacturer of white goods though, so that night when the misses were snug in their beds I set to work dismantling the thing and turning … Continue reading Jumping on Castles

Chain Reaction

Wow. It's amazing how a little dabble into the real world has rings emanating out and back again.  After effectively retreating from the world for three years while focussing wholeheartedly on motherhood, then becoming overwhelmed by a desperate need to reconnect with myself, I'm appreciating elements of 'normal' life in a whole new way.I've undertaken … Continue reading Chain Reaction