I went to the supermarket looking for Greaseproof Paper.  Bog standard requirement for festive season baking.First off it was impossible to find at my local overpriced supermarket.  Usually there's one aisle that has things like paper plates, napkins, bin bags, food wrap and baking paper.  Often accompanied by detergent and cleaning cloths.  Not in our … Continue reading Imitations

For You

by writing in penI hoped that somehowI'd reachthe part of my heart that reachesthe part of your heart that reachesminePerhaps if I ever saw youpen in hand toodoodlingI'd learn your mapBut your doodles are your eyesand I find themhardto readlike those bibles the church folk havewith translucent pagesfull of tiny printPrecious words on paper that … Continue reading For You

Re: Femininity in NZ

I wrote an opinion piece that appeared in the SST on Sunday 27th November.  The published title was 'In Defence of Femininity'.It was also republished on under the unfortunate title 'Are NZ Women Slobs'.  This was their title, not mine, and was not what the article was really about.Many people who read the article … Continue reading Re: Femininity in NZ