Lines in the Sand

I've decided to have my ring finger removed by elective surgery.No, it's not infected with gangrene. Nor do I have skin cancer. There has been no injury. But logic tells me that once I book the surgery, things will happen.Like, a ring will magically appear upon it.The one I didn't get seven years ago when … Continue reading Lines in the Sand

Holiday Home Instant Upcycled Dolls’ House

During a recent holiday at a seaside bach (that's Kiwi for holiday house, beach house, holiday cottage etc) I realised that I hadn't packed enough toys for my children.My logic had been that a holiday house is an exciting new place to be, and they wouldn't need too many toys.  I could give them pots … Continue reading Holiday Home Instant Upcycled Dolls’ House

Writing My Heart

I’ll tell where my heart isI’ll try to.My heart is sunk, sad and slow, lost and unknowing in a maze of unknowingness. It left itself behind back when it was suggested it might be required.  Its presence wanted.It was afraid. It hid. I don’t know where I left it.Here it is.  In the fluffunder the sofa. Peeking … Continue reading Writing My Heart