Cold April – A Poem

Way back when I was still at school I had a bit of a thing for iambic pentameter for a while, and sonnets. This isn't a sonnet, nor is it completely faithfully in iambic pentameter wither.  However, I remember well when I wrote it - another cold April, snow among other things...   bland white moments … Continue reading Cold April – A Poem

Haiku with parsnips

parents for lunch -  Dad avoiding the parsnips among other things with thanks to the brilliant Michael Dylan Welch  and the introduction to  "Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku by a Bunch of Our Friends" © Naomi Madelin 2013

Haiku Tea II – Linked Verse

I've had a great few weeks getting involved with a Haiku group over on Google Plus.I watched and waited for a while, then thought "hey, I may as well plunge in and see what happens." Well, what happened was, I wrote some haiku!  It's been a while and this was a great way to get … Continue reading Haiku Tea II – Linked Verse

The Mr Chompy Incident

If you're looking for the name for a band, you could do worse than "Mr Chompy", or "The Mr Chompy Incident" if you fancy. So I've run a lovely bubbly bath for the two little Miss Madelins, and Miss 5 has stripped off and I'm about to help her in when she throws a completely … Continue reading The Mr Chompy Incident