There’s this implicit trust that when they leap, you will catch them.
That when they are sleepy, you will carry them and hold them tight. There is no fear. No sense that they may be dropped or let go.  They just flop and know that they will be loved, held, looked after, safe.

flying beach Incredible.
For them –
for us

That time of life before you have been let down – Wow! Before your heart has been broken, your dreams and beliefs smashed, rebuilt, toppled and compromised. When everything is as it is, no more or less.  The world is an adventure and everything is taken as gospel.

They ask “Is Snoopy real?” and you answer “What do you think?” and they say “Yes.  Yes, he is real.” And you can’t let them down by explaining that Snoopy is just pictures.  Because when you’re four years old Snoopy needs to be real.  Must be real.  What is real, anyway?  Someone really drew Snoopy, didn’t they?

But it’s that instinctive trust that just gets me.  Melts me.  Brings tears to my eyes.  Every time.  A human being that trusts me so implicitly. So wholly.  So truly.  It is magic.

Don’t you wish you could trust like that again?

* * *

i could trust

this silent mountain –



© Naomi Madelin 2013


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