Allowing Joy

Child who wants to be a vet sticks a sign to her gate

Her sign represented “bring your hurt and sick animals here” …

To the person who removed my child’s drawing from our front gate the other evening:

I’m sorry that you feel the need to destroy joy.

That makes me sad.

For you.

What went through your mind when you saw the innocent picture taped to the gate?

What deep hurt rose in your heart and choked you?

I can’t image the pain you felt when you ripped the drawing down, screwed it up and threw it into the nearest bin.

A child's drawing torn and crumpled by a bitter, damaged person

Torn and crumpled – is this your heart?

You are an adult.

My child is five.

You didn’t see her sad face when she found her drawing gone. Her dejection.

Because it was more than a drawing, It was a dream.

And someone broke it.

I can mend that dream, I hope. But please think, next time.

That the world is more than your pain.

That you could, if you chose, allow joy to creep in.

I was angry at first.

I wanted to write a note that said

“To the person who tore the drawing from this gate. Did your action enrich your life? I pity you.”

My husband told me to calm down and leave it.

I don’t do ‘leave it’ very well.

So I wrote a different note.

Spreading love where there is hate, gentleness where bitterness lies

Words of gentleness

It didn’t last long. I suppose you tore that one down, too.

I’m sorry that you feel the need to destroy.

My blessing was given honestly. I hope some of it sticks.

And my daughter drew a new sign, more clearly stating her intentions:

Child's drawing of a squirrel with the words 'I help animals'

And yes, the squirrel is doing a poo!


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