Make a Fairy or Angel Costume

Before you go and buy a cheap, or expensive, costume or dressups for your child, have a quick think about how you could make it yourself.  There are often easy, affordable and fun ways to achieve the look you or your child wants. I spotted the lady behind the counter in our local fabric shop … Continue reading Make a Fairy or Angel Costume

Kinder No Surprise

I've decided to boycott Kinder Eggs this Easter - and forever more until they sort their shit out. What is 'surprising' about them any more? They've made them  blue or pink so that you can assist the gender stereotyping your children - as though they need THAT. PLUS and they have a picture of the theme … Continue reading Kinder No Surprise

Left Over Lasagne

I didn't hurt myself today. The finger I stabbed with the packet of pencils yesterday hasn't gone septic.   My scalded hand from that wee accident with the chamomile tea late at night in my sister's kitchen on Sunday has turned a little black in places, but otherwise the skin is drying out nicely and … Continue reading Left Over Lasagne