haiku – a cup of tea

I’m proud to be a member of the British Haiku Society, to whom I now regularly send a small selection of the better haiku I’ve penned, a few times a year.  They publish a wonderful quarterly journal, Blithe Spirit.  Whether I have poems in or not, it’s my favourite thing to have on my bedside table for those odd moments when you want to read but don’t have time, or inclination, for chapters.  There is always inspiration therein, always enlightenment, peace and pleasure.

Anyway, this post is really to show off cos I have three poems in the current edition.  Huzzah.  There are poets in there I just marvel at, so I feel really honoured to be included.  What I love is that I don’t love all the poetry. The journal challenges my own fairly limited view of haiku, includes poems that surprise and confound me. There is discussion of poetry collections, reviews of books, essays and sequences. And, in this edition, my offerings, which I am really proud of. Sometimes reading my work in print makes it sing in a new way, and I love it all over again.

So here’s one from Blithe Spirit, V0lume 24, Number 2. May 2014

Naomi Madelin's haiku notebook and a cup of tea


a cup of tea

he thanks me for the things

I wish I’d never said



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