Dear Sainsbury’s

Dear Sainsburys,

ARGH. Is all I can open with. Have you walked, recently, with open eyes into your fruit and vegetable section? PACKAGING. On almost everything. Non-recyclable film and endless clear trays. Yes, the trays are recyclable, but what energy is used in their manufacture, and re-manufacture? And how many of your customers really and truly care enough to even bother putting them in the recycling? Not many, I can assure you.

Last time I went to Sainsbury’s I was left with one choice of tomatoes if I wanted to avoid packaging. My daughter asked for small tomatoes, I had to refuse. Some people have to bother to make a stand on these things. I want a planet left for the grandchildren I hope I have one day. Do you want one for yours?

It’s up to corporations like Sainsbury’s to lead the way. What was wrong with gorgeous piles of delicious veg for us to choose from? We don’t need you to decide that we want ten little tomatoes, let us dive into a delightful pile and have eleven. The French seem to manage okay with this style of shopping along with many other cultures.

And packets, packets, packets of croissant and pancakes etc etc.

Hooray – I bought a new roll of biodegradable caddy liners the other day and the packaging had actually been reduced. But that was in cardboard before, not layers of plastic. A drop in a very, very large flood.

We love Sainsbury’s outdoor bred pork sausages but I wince each time I buy them in their black plastic tray. Here in Bristol we have pretty good recycling, but they can’t take black plastic. That’s all your ‘premium’ products I need to avoid buying too.

I’d like to know what you’re doing to reduce, seriously reduce, the packaging in your products. It’s ridiculous in 2014 that companies like Sainsbury’s are using more, not less, packaging. We know better. Please do better.

Yours faithfully,

Naomi Madelin

Emailed to Sainsbury’s 27th August 2014. I will post any reply here!


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