So I said….

To Sainsbury’s, with whom I was feeling distinctly unimpressed after a little back ‘n’ forth with their customer services (see

“Dear Ms McGuiness,

Thank you for your response.

Your email has done nothing whatsoever to reassure me of Sainsbury’s commitment to the environment.

When I start walking into your stores to find fewer and fewer fruit & veg items packaged, then I will start to be reassured.  Recycling IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be our first concern for the environment. Our first concern is REDUCE. How are unpackaged tomatoes unsafe? Unbagged apples, potatoes, plums?

I do understand that Sainsbury’s have recycling in store, that you have the ‘bag for life’ scheme and that you mark your products with approved recycling markings. But how many of your own neighbours are really good at recycling? Because I live in an educated, affluent neighbourhood where most people are absolutely useless at recyling. I see so much going into the dustbin that ought to be in the recycling bins it makes me upset. And we need to reduce our recycling. We need to reduce full stop. That’s where I feel quality, respected brands like Sainsbury’s can and should blaze the trail for a clean, green England.

Thank you for your time,

Kind regards


and they said

“Dear Ms Madelin,

Thank you for your further email in response to my colleague, Catherine.

I would like to assure you that your comments have been logged and will be fed back to the relevant teams to review. Please be assured we take all customer feedback seriously.

We also have some further information on our corporate site regarding our 20×20 commitments and having respect for our environment, which I hope will be of some interest to you. I have included a link below:

We will closely monitor any further comments of a similar nature and work towards further reducing our impact on the environment.

We appreciate you taking the time to respond and thank you for your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Wilson

Customer Manager”


All I can say to that is – true change is possible – Check out this ZERO PACKAGING supermarket in Berlin.  If they can do it….


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