Recommending ‘Troutswirl’ – Haiku

If you’re a lover of haiku in any of its guises – traditional or modern, formal or informal, one line or three, or even more, I thoroughly recommend Troutswirl to you.

It’s the website of The Haiku Foundation About, and if you get on their email list a short, succinct digest appears daily in your inbox, with clickable links to the most recent material.

Many days pass with me not making the time to click through, but whenever I do I find something inspiring, arresting or challenging in the field of haiku.  If I don’t find the link I’ve clicked on interesting or relevant to me at that moment, at least I’ve made the journey! It doesn’t take me long to find my way to something that does serve to enlighten my day and my approach to poetry.


Today I loved the short chapbook A Mouse Pours Out by Lee Gurga.  The poems therein remind me of some I have written – no doubt this is why they ‘spoke’ to me, But also, as always, there are other poems that surprise, delight and inspire.

All you Haijin owe it to yourselves to take a stroll through the amazing library of resources on this website. I guarantee you’ll find it worthwhile.


The Haiku Foundation About are also on Twitter – THFFacebook and Pinterest – THF!

For inspiration on-the-go try The Haiku Foundation App.  I wonderful library of haiku to keep on hand, wherever you are.



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