Getting Cakey : Two alternative Christmas Cakes

I’ve been hopeless about posting here!  Mostly because I’m finally, actually writing.  A book. And it’s hard, and time consuming, and frustrating, and exciting and a HUGE learning curve.  But I am determined about it, so have been prioritising my writing in that direction.  When I make time from the old cooking, cleaning, mothering, wife-ing and all that good stuff.

But this week I was making my daughter’s 8th birthday cake, which I took photos of as it was created.  And I remembered that I do this every birthday and have years of fun, creative cakes I’d love to show off share.

So without further ado, here are two Christmas cakes I’ve made in the past decade! We’ll start with my 2008 Christmas Cake.  I chose to make it like this because:

1/ I’m not a huge fan of icing.

2/ We were living in New Zealand where it’s not easy to buy real marzipan (you can get ‘Almond Flavoured Icing’ easily… Just  fondant icing with some almond flavouring added. NOT the thing at all…)

SO… I decided to make my own marzipan and discovered how easy, and how delicious it was.

I’m linking to a recipe here that claims to be the Lubeck marzipan recipe. Lubeck marzipan (from Lubeck in Germany) is DIVINE. So anything close is great!  I use quite a lot and find the recipes on the site are usually excellent.

I covered the top of the cake, cut different sized stars and arranged them, then brushed with a little egg white and had some fun with a chef’s blow torch!

Xmas cake 08 3_proc

My 2008 Christmas Cake

The following year, 2009, I decided to abandon traditional Christmas Cake altogether.  Mr M doesn’t really like it, there wasn’t much family around to eat it, and I could happily live without.  I had been watching Jamie Oliver and he’d made something he called “Snakey Cakey” which was a bit different and special, so I made one.

This recipe is how I made it – which was how Jamie Oliver made it. I wasn’t sure I really liked the rose water flavour and would limit or change that next time.  The recipe on ‘epicurious’ is a little different and uses orange-flower water instead.

To make it look Christmassy I just cut out a few small stars from fondant icing and dusted with ‘snow’.


My 2009 Snakey Cakey Christmas Cake

So, there are a couple of Christmas cakes to begin with.  Next I’ll post a few fun birthday cakes.


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