After pudding haiku

I haven’t posted in an age.

I haven’t written much haiku for a year.

I’m writing a book. My first fiction. It’s a wonderful hell I can’t wait to shove aside all the reasons to avoid confronting.

Haiku needs space and I’m bad at making any – except when I’m running. And then I’m busy. Running.

But tonight I didn’t want dinner, so I ate pudding. I am avoiding my book, mostly. And steering clear of the TV. I can’t run cos the husb is away and the kids are in bed soooo….

One from this evening:

spinning ball realising the emptiness

and one from last week:

my haiku
will return

snowdrops by Michael E

This lovely photo is the same as the ‘featured image’ but it’s so beautiful I wanted to post it here where it can be seen properly. It’s by Michael E, sourced via the Creative Commons search engine used here under a Creative Commons licence. Β More of Michael E’s photography here on his Flickr page.

I did take a photo of some snowdrops, but not like this one.




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