It if doesn’t smell…

Day 4, if you counted two days on the road. Day 10, if you counted the days we lived out of our bags prior to getting here. I was already at the 'if it doesn't smell, wear it' stage of mountain living. What stage will I be at in 6 months??? Strewth.



One of the good things about moving from a three-bedroomed detached house to a 29m2 apartment is that it doesn't take long to settle in.  I mean, there's only so much you can do.  And to be honest, we'd done most of the settling in required over the past year when we'd been doing up … Continue reading Settling

Made it!

So we’d got as far as Dijon, found our hotel by hook and probably crook, and I was crossing my fingers that the car and everything in it would still be there in the morning. Did I mention that Inky, the hamster, was travelling with us?  Well, he was. I hadn’t thought until rather late … Continue reading Made it!