We did a bit of skiing

In spite of a peculiar blizzard the other day, summer is definitely on the way.  So before the last little lingering patches of snow finally disappear into the ground, I thought I’d prove that we actually did some skiing and enjoyed the snow!  We didn’t always torture our children by taking them out in freezing blizzards either.

Okay, so once we did take them all the way up the glacier and the cloud came down and we couldn’t see a thing. They were amazing.

And there was the time we ski’d with friends and I chose a ‘blue’ run that I didn’t know but looked, on the map, like it would be nice. It wasn’t very nice, nor very ‘blue’ at all and the poor kids really struggled. I felt awful. When we pointed out how brilliantly the girls had done in the white out they said ‘But that was easier, we couldn’t see how steep it was!’

Then there was the final Sunday when the dameuses hadn’t been out and Isla and I ventured forth and found we were pretty much hiking down the shallow green run because the snow was so deep. We couldn’t see a soul and the cloud was descending… ‘Stay close, don’t get left behind,’ I said, meaning ‘I’m terrified that in a moment I won’t be able to see the hand in front of my face, let alone you, my darling.’  All was well and it was a great adventure. Even better, we fell upon an open café.

A few snaps from some of the finer days:

Sometimes me’n’him, sometimes en famille.

Had to ski the one called ‘Madeleine’ a few times!


Girls took some lessons, got some badges  – Premiere and Deuxième Étioles from ESF


Ski’d with friends


Did some speedy sledging



Broke a wrist (skiing, not speedy sledging)



And enjoyed the landscape




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