Freedom is…

An near-empty piste on changeover day. A short tour over the back of the mountain out of sight of town, with fresh powder days after it’s snowed. Living in small flat and having less ‘stuff’. Choosing your lifestyle. Reaching all the kitchen cabinets without moving from the spot next to your compact dishwasher. Having a … Continue reading Freedom is…


Time to knock the expats on the head?

Looking around the web the other week for some supporting articles on subjects I was researching for this blog, I kept falling upon 'ex-pat' websites.  Sites like 'Expatica', '' and 'Internations' to name just a few - full of references to 'ex-pats' all over the world. Today I started to look at the kinds of … Continue reading Time to knock the expats on the head?

When I met… Francis Ford Coppola

I wish I could remember her name. When we one day move to a house again and get our stuff out of storage I’ll find my old travel diary and find out. Not that it makes a big difference. She was so sassy. Had such confidence. Such ease. When one of the guys came back … Continue reading When I met… Francis Ford Coppola