Freedom is…

An near-empty piste on changeover day.

A short tour over the back of the mountain out of sight of town, with fresh powder days after it’s snowed.

Living in small flat and having less ‘stuff’.

Choosing your lifestyle.

Reaching all the kitchen cabinets without moving from the spot next to your compact dishwasher.

Having a small drawer and one short hanging rail for clothes – plus a few bits stuffed on a shared shelf.

Just needing to wrap up warm. No fashion required.

Just putting on running gear. No fashion required.

Just putting on mountain biking clothes. No fashion required.

Just putting on ski gear. Contemporary yes (modern fabric technology please), but really – no fashion required.

Treating yourself to a new bobble hat being the height of your winter decadence.

Travelling cabin baggage only when you need to take a trip (cos you haven’t got much you can pack anyway!).

Sweating less – uhuh, we don’t shower quite so much. And we don’t care.

Washing the kids’ hair just once a week. Phew!

Saying ‘of course’ when your eight-year-old asks to go to the shops alone.

Doing the housework for 29m2.

And still there are never enough hours in the day!

IMG_2792 copy small

Life in a ski resort isn’t cheap – but it does give us a lot of freedom

You might also enjoy my post “Play Outside – Go on!” it’s about getting outdoors and how important slow time is, letting not just our children, but ourselves too, have some ‘free range’ time, some discovery time. Time to see and be.

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