Haiku hiatus

First off - I know you're meant to blog regularly if you want to get any sort of traction. I was doing quite well, then hit a bit of a black spot. Now I have this rush of things I realise I should have been posting. Blogger fail!  So I'm breaking all the rules and … Continue reading Haiku hiatus

Winter Beauty and our Big Snow

I feel I haven't shared enough of the beauty of the mountains in winter. I say to my girls 'When I was your age I hadn't seen anything remotely like this.' We have to remind ourselves to stop, when we're out skiing, and breathe and look around us at the amazing place we are in. … Continue reading Winter Beauty and our Big Snow


What blossoming independence! My youngest (8) has always been a little less independent than her sister. Not clingy (much) but preferring company of others to solely her own. Here in our small mountain town children are allowed a lot more freedom than most city kids of their age. It's something we've tried to embrace, and … Continue reading Blossoming

Will you be going home?

So asked someone of me recently, and I was honestly confused, for a moment or two. I live here. I am here. My little immediate family unit is here. For me, that’s home.  Isn't it? For lots of people, when they’re somewhere that isn’t where they were born, they simply aren’t home. Leaving home For … Continue reading Will you be going home?