I feel I haven’t shared enough of the beauty of the mountains in winter. I say to my girls ‘When I was your age I hadn’t seen anything remotely like this.’

We have to remind ourselves to stop, when we’re out skiing, and breathe and look around us at the amazing place we are in.

So I’m going to publish a few photo-focussed posts with some of my favourite photos and moments from the winter.

Although we still have LOTS of snow, spring is on her way. We have glimpses of grass and even the odd green tree! The moment there’s a patch of mud, there’s growth. I’ll be posting about that too.

In early Feb we had a HUGE dump of snow. These pics were taken shortly after.

Some blizzardy mornings – but the school bus and free ‘navette’ service still ran (mostly! There was so much snow that the children did get a few ‘snow days’ when the avalanche risk onto the road was too great, the buses didn’t run and the chef couldn’t get up from down the mountain with the lunch.)

Bottom centre: Taken looking down from our balcony – buried trees.

A bit of scale! The girls are walking along the road (top right) because all the snow clearers were way too busy keeping the roads clear and the paths were impassable. But it gave me a chance to snap the snow walls!

Top left – easy to make igloos and snow holes with all that snow.

Centre top – the chalet behind, like every home, is buried to the top of the first floor.

Centre bottom – Miss 10 battling against a wind howling between buildings at the top of the village.

Spot my youngest on the monkey bars at the playground!

Bottom left: roped-up to clear cornices from the roof.

Top right: This pavement was passable. I abandoned my attempts to walk on the pavements in some places, when the snow was up to the top of my thighs!

As you can see – it was beautiful too.

Next photo post – just some pretty pics of winter in the Alps.

Winter Beauty and our Big Snow

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