The French Dog Poo Issue – I made a film

It's a scourge. I made a little film. It really doesn't scratch the surface. French dog poo (crotte) problem 1 Dogs with owners too lazy to bother, taking themselves for walks and pooing anywhere. Some of them VERY BIG dogs. Think St Bernards. They do VERY BIG poos. And have very big, scarey barks … Continue reading The French Dog Poo Issue – I made a film


A nice pile

We went round the corner to Val d'Isere today to find out how closed it is. How thawed it is. And have a look at where we're going to run our race in July. More on that soon. We walked along this path. Me: "See - we build dry stone walls. The French say 'let's … Continue reading A nice pile

Lost in not-very-much space (and other hyphenated phrases)

Baba is my youngest's absolute, all-time, must-have favourite toy. She loved her from the moment she arrived and in nearly every photo of her until she started school you see Baba in her hand. She's a little 'bashful lamb' from Jellycat. When my children were born we lived rurally and several of our neighbours had … Continue reading Lost in not-very-much space (and other hyphenated phrases)

Murder in the snow

I wish I'd been recording my 10 year-old when she said... "I'm going to chop his head off... Now I think I'll cut it in two and get rid of the body..." Looks at my face... "That didn't sound like what I meant. I mean I'm going to chop the body up into little pieces...." … Continue reading Murder in the snow

One room to rule them all!

Studio apartment living involves a lot of tidying  and a lot of moving stuff around. It doesn't involve an awful lot of stuff, as such, but what you have has to fit and has to work in the limited space. And you often have to move that to there, this into the space then the … Continue reading One room to rule them all!

In search of Spring

We keep thinking it's finally reached us. Wherever snow melts, green appears overnight. Even the rocks on the mountainside seem to turn green the day the snow melts off them, as though there's a longing for green welling up from the earth. Then the other day it snowed. And though it hasn't since, it's cold … Continue reading In search of Spring

Return to winter ?

We think we're done with living in 29m2.  It's been a great year, and we are so fortunate to have had this little place to come to when we were in a bind. But it was never our intention to stay for a year, let alone more than that. I've passed it in the rain … Continue reading Return to winter ?