In brief, the beloved lost toy is found. She’s been missing a whole month, and it was quite by chance that she was discovered. Her disappearance was quite the mystery - we’d been to the Chalet Carton, found a little wicker bed that was clearly made for her, came home and she was nowhere to … Continue reading Found

Stone the crows!

In a previous post I mentioned a wee 'trick' I've noticed to help with understanding words beginning é ('e' acute) : Replace the 'é' with an 's' and you fairly often see a word in English - or one like it, that has the same meaning. e.g. 'épice' becomes 'spice' - and guess what? That's … Continue reading Stone the crows!

Promises, promises

Leapt out of bed and Miss 8 and I jollied through the sunny morning village, high on the promise of fresh pain au chocolate and croissants for the first time since early May. To find this: Which was very much not as advertised over the past weeks, and why we were hopefully  standing outside the … Continue reading Promises, promises

We’re Open

I'm so excited! Tomorrow a SHOP opens in our village. Yay! And it's my favourite boulangerie with the best croissants (no sticky sugar glaze on top). To be fair we've only been without an open shop since the start of May, so it's not even a full two months, but still... When you realise there's … Continue reading We’re Open

Haphazardly home

So we're not moving to Barcelona. About turn - we're staying in France. And snap decision as of a month or two back (I'm a bit late with my news updates...) - we're moving (if we can) to somewhere just north of the beautiful town of Annecy. I know, I know, that wasn't the plan. … Continue reading Haphazardly home

On catching dreams

Last year while I was out on a run in the mountains my mind wandered, as it does, and this time it visited my childhood dreams. It struck me that if you'd told me back then that I'd live in a ski resort high in the French Alps I would have just been confused. I … Continue reading On catching dreams

Amo, amas, amat….

... a-something, a-something, amorem (?) This post was going to be about learning French. My own learning of French, rather than the learning of my absorbent children. Somehow I got distracted thinking about other language learning experiences in my life. So today we're chatting about... Latin The wisdom in my all girls’ grammar school was that … Continue reading Amo, amas, amat….

Running in the Rain

I started writing this way back in Bristol. I'd forgotten about it. But with my new, post ski-season return to running, I decided to put the fear of it being imperfect away and 'ship' it (as Seth Godin puts it). I don't write heaps of poetry, I'd like to do more. When I do write … Continue reading Running in the Rain