No en-suite. No dressing.

Fun fact: The French don’t have en-suites.

Who woulda thunk it?

So I’ve made a hopefully-friend with whom I’m exchanging a bit of conversation. For our first efforts I was invited to her home for coffee. Once we’d exchanged pleasantries and drunk our coffees she suggested we take a tour of her home and talk about it. A bit in French, a bit in English.

The simple things I didn’t know! A hob – that you cook on, is a plat cuisson, for example. I’ve never cooked with anyone French in the room and had to mention it…

These folk have a lovely home, which they are doing some work on , affording us more opportunities to exchange vocabulary. Most of which I can’t instantly recall, but it takes a few times doesn’t it.

We entered their bedroom.

“Ah! Tu as un en-suite!” I exclaimed.

My friend looked at me blankly. “Un en-suite. Une salle de bain dans la chambre?” I explained.
(An en-suite. A bathroom in the bedroom?)

(No… What? Yes, she did – we were looking right at it.)

“Vous ne dit pas ‘en-suite’ pour une petite salle de bain comme ça, avec une porte de la chambre?”
(Oh! You don’t say en-suite for a little bathroom like this, with a door from the bedroom?)


“Oh!” I laughed, and explained that in England we call it that, and we think that’s French. We think it’s very chic! We both laughed about that, I can tell you. Silly Brits.

no ensuite

“Mais c’est une suite parentale,” my friend kindly offered, gesturing to show the whole affair, bedroom, bathroom and all. Then, looking very pleased, she threw open another door and declared,

“And we have this English… a ‘Dressing’!”

“Mmmm,” I shook my head, smiling, as I viewed her walk-in wardrobe, “No!”

“No? But it is English no? A Dressing?”

“Mmnno. Sorry. We don’t say that! It’s a walk-in-wardrobe.”

“A war – drobe ?”

“Yes. But you can walk in. Step into it. So it is a walk-in-wardrobe.”

“But not a Dressing.”

“Sorry. No…”

I later realised that I should have explained about Dressing Rooms – clearly that’s where the misunderstanding has come from. Who knows about the en-suite.

So, no ‘en-suite’, no ‘dressing’.

It’s not just about learning to speak another language – it’s so much more! Converstations with the locals are really the only way to actually learn, I’m realising.

Until next time.

Thanks for visiting my little patch of the web. As you can tell, we currently live in France. By way of UK, NZ, UK and a short trial run in Spain. I hope we stay here – I love it. And right now I’m trying to get immersed in France, French and life in and around our little town.  Do come again.  Oh – and please do comment if you feel like it, and follow and what not. X


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