Running confession

Bless me, dear Universal Consciousness, for I have fallen from the trail. It has been nearly two weeks since my last run.

I confess that I have blamed the hunters for hunting in my forests. But they are not hunting on the roads and lanes…

IMG_0349 copy

… nor on Wednesdays (tho the kids are home so…), Fridays, or Sunday afternoons…

I have blamed the weather for being rainy and cold. But honestly I have not let that stop me before and in my heart I know that running in bad weather makes me feel fierce.

I have mislaid my Fierce and blamed ‘busy-ness’ for its disappearance.

I have complained that I have too much to do. And yet it wasn’t compulsory to make that advent bunting that took rather a lot of time, or the candied peel for the English style Christmas pudding… I’m sure it would have been fine without it. I have chosen not to make time to run and this has made me grumpy.

I have cursed, sometimes out loud (but only in the privacy of my own kitchen), the people I see running near my home, as though they are doing it on purpose to make me feel bad.

IMG_0494 copy

No one looks good grumpy

I have found reason, for my lack of running, in the three guests that are arriving to spend Christmas with us this week and all the cooking that needs to be done. The house that needs to be cleaned. The planning and picking up at the airport and children to be moved from their rooms and beds to be made. Oh dear Universal Consciousness, HELP ME!

As you can see, I have FREAKED OUT when I should have been running. I see now that this was wrong. In so many ways.

In short, I have blamed Christmas and Winter for my lack of running and I am sorry.

I have suffered from not spending time in the Great Outdoors in your Universally Conscious company, which calms and balances me.

I have no one to blame but myself.

Help me, Oh Universal Consciousness, to be better at grabbing my time and not feeling guilty about it. To know that me grabbing time for running is in everyone’s best interest. For I have learnt, have I not, that time is never gifted but must be taken, and this is a lesson I must not forget.

For this mother without running is almost worse than this mother without her coffee before 10am. Universal Consciousness forbid.




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