Are we Chatting?

I wanted a stock image of people chatting.

It was to illustrate neighbourliness, friendship, agreement. It was for a work thing…

I looked on a popular royalty-free image site for nice images of people chatting, looking agreeable and happy – pleased to be engaging with each other and that sort of thing.

I got a depressing selection, including photos like this:


Eh what? These guys aren’t CHATTING.

They are “chatting”.  And that IS NOT what I want. Or, in fact (you can call me old, I don’t care), what I think of when someone uses the word ‘chatting’, unless they do air quotes to indicate that the chatting being mentioned isn’t IRL (In Real Life).


mand and woman chatting on bench

Note the body language indicating engagement with another human being? Bodies are turned TOWARDS each other, the woman’s mouth appears to be in action – she is talking. The man’s hand on his face suggests something… mild fatigue? Bad news? You can’t deny that these folk are chatting.

Not like these folk – another in the sizeable selection of images of people fixated on mobile phones, which came up when I searched for CHATTING…


Chatting isn’t chatting any more

So CHATTING clearly doesn’t mean actually talking to each other any more. Not even a telephone conversation I’ll assume, since I didn’t get any pics of people talking on the phone either. Chatting just means paying all your attention to your mobile device while ignoring the world around you.

I am sad.



Thanks for swinging by – do post a comment and start a ‘chat’ about this subject, or any others that come up on my site.  Have a great day – and try to make sure you actually chat to someone. Go on, look someone in the eye and have a conversation – it’s rather nice.

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