They laugh at me

When someone is annoyed in French they are

“en colère”

I can’t get this one into my head. It just took me five minutes to look it up on Google, since I didn’t know how to spell it or precisely what it meant.  In the end I Googled,

“all the words meaning angry in French.”

Cos when I say it I tend to say,

“en coleur”

which means ‘ in colour’.

My children laugh at me and chant ‘en colÈRE’.

Their friends laugh at me.

Fortunately, thanks to falling in a duck pond when I was nine, I laugh at me too.  You have to have a sense of humour when you’re learning a new language!

Please join my ‘I’m a jolly dunce’ club and tell me you make similarly dozy mistakes in the language you’re learning!


All the colours

Anyway, being ‘in colour’ makes sense. I think it’s a great expression. Last time everyone laughed at me I pointed this out,

“Oui, je suis rouge, je suis verte, je suis jaune…”

Because when you’re annoyed it kinda feels like that. Like you’re cycling through all the colours. Doesn’t it?

Well I think so, and I’m sticking to it.

Thankfully I have finally got to grips with ‘jaune’ (yellow) verus ‘jeune’ (young) thus avoiding a follow-up mocking session…


Thanks for swinging by my blog. I write life in France as a foreigner, language learning (in my case – learning French), the challenges of that, trail running (this will be popping up more often since it’s quite a big part of me these days) and the odd haiku poem when my brain can grab one.

Feel free to comment.

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