Our deep denial

Last year I needed some dental floss.


Because every pack of dental floss in your average hight street store or pharmacy is not only in a plastic container, but blister packed to boot.

HELLO? Anyone heard of global warming? Our plastic oceans? Anyone?

Plus the floss itself is usually made from nylon or teflon – also Not Good for the planet on which we are hoping to continue to thrive. Or maybe we’re not – the way most folk are going on it would appear they are happy for our earth to die in a not-so-slow and gruesome fashion.

Tooth and planet-friendly

I hunted and found some ‘vegan’ floss from a company called Eco-Dent. It was sold in a cardboard pack, with the floss itself in the minimum-necessary plastic; a small bag inside the little box, which you just need to make a little hole in to let the floss run out.  It comes in 100 yard packs, which is 91.44m to those of us who live in Europe, excluding the UK because they are mad (I was schooled there and though they taught us that the UK was allegedly metric, fact is it ain’t – it’s a right old muddle up of imperial and metric so that nothing makes sense at all. Which given the current situation there probably won’t surprise you.)

This was fantastic floss. It got the bits from between my teeth, was easy to use, and lasted a long time. The box with little metal cutting bit did slowly give up the ghost, but only towards the very end of the roll. Guess what I did? I went all old fashioned and USED A SMALL PAIR OF SCISSORS to cut my floss. And guess what? It wasn’t a major hassle at all.

Bonus, because now I can have strong teeth and hope a little more for a planet with a fresh apple to use them on.

Now I need more dental floss, but for whatever reason all the folk selling Eco-Dent online are charging a fortune to deliver to me. So I’ve gone out and looked for alternatives. Love it or hate it, I’ve included a search on Amazon because there’s a wide range on there and since I need a few other things I can minimise postage.

Little bit of single use plastic? Nope – A LOT


Bit of plastic packaging overkill anyone?  What about those ‘use them once’ little evil things with the handles that mean even more gratuitous waste?


Then this. There’s even one that takes pride in it’s straight-to-landfill status. And one promoting planet death to our children.  Good grief.


On page 4 of my search I started to see some more sustainable, combined planet and tooth-friendly options among the plastic, like here:



And one hiding here:



What is going on?

If you don’t understand my frustration, think I’m being over the top and a whinge bag – you need to catch up.  Already feeling planet-conscious I’ve been really mobilised by this incredible young woman, Greta Thunberg. You should watch this:


And read here:

UK – Guardian

“Angus Taylor, who spent much of his pre-parliamentary career fighting windfarms, claiming repeatedly that there is “too much wind and solar” in the system, is now minister for energy and emissions reduction.”

11 years left – to ‘limit’ a climate emergency

Please share in the comments further links to information for your country.

It is our responsibility

Yes, it is. If we are blessed to live in democracies where we can speak up, where we have freedom of choice, then it is our responsibility to USE OUR FREEDOM to make things right.

To walk or cycle when we don’t really need to drive. Or even run! I’ve recently used the lack of public transport to fit my runs into my day by using them as transport from A to B (when B had an available shower!). Everyone’s a winner.

It’s our responsibility to use buses and trains and demand a better public transport system when it’s lacking.

And it’s our responsibility to

reduce reuse recycle 2

in that order.

So REDUCE our use of everything that goes into landfill and that uses resources to make – so that does include paper and cardboard too. Reduce massively our consumption of single-use plastics, ‘recyclable’ or otherwise.

Buy loose fruit and veg.

Cheese from the cheese counter where hopefully they wrap it in paper.


Reduce consumption of single-serving soft drinks including juices and smoothies – they’re all in single-use packaging.

etc etc etc.

And you could benefit from my research and buy yourself some eco-friendly dental floss next time. Disappointingly my nearest ‘bio’ shop (heath food store) sells much of their bathroom-related products in plastic packaging. But I do shop there and have found some very good products, and am keeping an eye out. This is the eco dental floss I’ve bought this time – the first one you buy with a little pot, and the next time you can buy two refills. I’m betting the cutting thingo on the pot will last.

Their tag line is a Ghandi quote, which I was first introduced to via amazing marriage coach Mort Fertel, and which was reinforced in my life by fabulous life coach Sian Jaquet.



bambaw floss

Just search for ‘Bambaw’ in your local web browser to find a supplier who delivers to you.


So let’s do what we can to fight this tide of plastic, wilful ignorance, powerlessness and inaction.

A lot of little things make a big difference


Thanks for stopping by and reading this somewhat ranty post. I’m not usually quite so ranty, but I am despairing…  Next time something fun, I promise.


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