100% no preservatives


I met my French friend for coffee this morning at her home. We talk a bit in French and a bit in English.

It’s hot, and our conversation moved to ice-cream and the merits of making it. We talked about the local ice-cream factory – a boutique but sizeable operation.

I lamented that there are additives in the ice cream. Not sure of my vocabulary I took a punt that ‘preservative’ may just be the same in French as in English – with my best French accent, of course.

My friend nearly choked on her latté machiato.

She was laughing so much that she struggled to tell me what I’d done wrong.

I knew it was bad…

Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 13.56.53


Sooooo…. 100% no ‘préservatif’ in French ice-cream then.

Even if they are also available in a range of flavours and colours…



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