More About Me!

I’m a writer, runner and business woman, among other things.  Currently it’s the latter which keeps bread on the table. I’m fortunate to include writing in my arsenal of business skills too, and bring that to the table with my small business clients along with a range of skills accumulated over years of working in large businesses, and running our own startup-to-business.

Homelands past, present, future

The first thirty years of my life were spent living in the UK, with reasonably adventurous holidays and some travelling trips. Then I spent a decade in New Zealand, land of my heart (well, a good chunk of it anyway) and England never felt quite the same again. Though I’m not sure I was completely aware of how it felt in the first place.

I’d love to spend 12 months living in Iceland (went for a long weekend – fascinated) but have yet to convince the husband. It might be something for when the kids leave home.

France was always in the forefront of my wishes as far as places to live go. And now I’m here. Lucky me.

Spain is next on the list.


I’ve run on and off since I was a teenager. More in London. Some in New Zealand. Then when we moved to Bristol (2015) I started ‘PT Troop‘ – kind of boot camp type fitness outdoors. I loved it. Got tendonitis in my elbow. Had to stop. Joined a running group. Loved it. Became a ‘proper’ runner. Which to me means feeling a need to run, loving running, having it as an essential part of my life.

2017-06-30 10.16.36 RunRidge WEB

One of my favourite inter-season trail runs includes this lovely ridge


I’m soppy about my cat, Loco. We’ve had him since 2003 and got him when he was 6 weeks old, with his sister. She was an evil sweetie (looked like butter wouldn’t melt, was a wicked hunter) who died in December 2015.

IMG_2281 Mitsi WEB

We still miss her

I’ve had cats since I was 8. Plus two hamsters over the years, and some ducks.

IMG_8123 (Inky) WEB

Just before we got chucked out of our last UK house we got our eldest her first hamster. He’s a right cutie even if it is a bit much having a hamster and a cat in a studio apartment.

Other stuff I like

Coffee, skiing, mountain biking (except when I argue with a big rock, that’s me in the pic up top – shortly before the rock incident), rock climbing, hiking, the beach, and having a go at most things. Here in the summer that includes archery and paddling on the lake, in the winter it can include things like ice climbing, if we’re lucky. I’m a reasonably keen cook. I’d say a resourceful cook, which is handy when you live a wee way from shops that don’t rip the bottom out of your wallet!

For more – dive on into my blog posts!


One thought on “More About Me!

  1. Hi,

    First of all, I love your humor and your straight to the point writing!

    I am also an expat spouse currently living in Montville NJ (USA). I work on my doctoral dissertation researching the adjustment of expat spouses over time. To do so, I analyze their online blogs (only with the author’s permission).
    Well, I am finally there enjoying to read the precious online blogs documenting the highs and lows, the beautiful experiences as well as the loss, the changes of perspective and the learning, which are all part of an expatriation assignment.
    Your blog is so wonderfully written and I very much enjoy taking part in your experience, especially your well documented time in England.
    I would like to ask you if you would be willing to take part in my study. It is a case study where I analyze in total 12 blogs written over an entire circle of one assignment. I would need you to sign the informed consent, take part in a 6 minute survey for descriptive data, and when my analysis is complete I would need your time for a 30 minute skype-interview.

    All information about you will be anonymized in the research.

    If you feel uncomfortable, you could terminate your participation at any time.
    I think your blogs capture the life on an expat spouse so rich in detail and I would be honored if you would agree to participate. If you agree, just let me know which destination you want me to capture (as you have already lived through several assignments. I think the England time is the complete documented assignment).

    Here is the link to the consent and questionnaire:

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or just give me a call +1 973 452 1826

    Greetings from frosty New Jersey, USA

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