More About Me!

I’m a mother, businesswoman and writer.  I’ve been a recruitment ‘consultant’ (I sucked), a hander-outerer of leaflets, a project manager, a cook, an actor, a waitress and a scattering of other things.  I once applied for the job of receptionist in a brothel – just to see.  I’ve been in questionable films with people you’ve never heard of (though I was also in a film that had Casper Van Dien in it once – anyone?)  I love Shakespeare and Samuel Beckett among other playwrights.  I love the sea, mountains, volcanoes, deserts and being all on my lonesome. I invented chocolate covered potato crisps “Chisps™” and patented hot banana on toast.

Oh, I could just go on about how fricken’ amazing I am.  Sometimes I’m horrid.  I’ve been known to shout at my children and throw dinner at my husband. I’ve fallen out with family members. I was a “terrible teen” but man, they should have been around when I hit my later twenties THAT would have properly scared them.

Inyhow, enough about me, let’s just get on with some blogging, shall we?


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