Unlearning Racism

I’ve followed Andrea’s blog for a while. She always writes thoughtfully. This one really needs spreading, so I’m re-blogging her post here. Do link to her and comment on the original. Unlike my naive belief growing up that use of racial slurs by White people was a litmus test for racism, I’m realizing embarrassingly late … Continue reading Unlearning Racism

The Ways Are Open

Of course! Other bubbles meeting my bubble!...It's fun. It's engaging. It's rewarding to connect more, to widen the circle, to include new and more and different.


I went for a run the other day. I took the little wooded trail that goes up the local hill to the chef lieu (village centre, which isn’t really what you’d think of as the middle of the village, but it’s where the 'Mairie' - the town hall, post office and schools are. And in … Continue reading Snicket

The part where the French speak English

My French was doing quite well before this, I thought. The odd confusing email from a school could be picked over, and bits of it pasted into Google Translate if necessary, and sometimes to giggle at the clunky (but nonetheless helpful) translation.

Rubbish Soup – it's really good!

First up, thanks to my cousin in Aus for the soup name! I've been meaning to post this soup for ages, and 'in these Covid times', as I've taken to saying, it's definitely time. We're very much a Zero Food Waste family. Or as close to as possible. For a long time one of my … Continue reading Rubbish Soup – it's really good!

Expectations Unknown – a return

...it's hard to control eyes hungry for the familiar... cafés once stopped at or favoured breaks. Trees whose names I hadn’t lost. The same shells on the beach. Things that made me feel “I belonged here, this is still a part of me. My heart is here.”

Hidden Perfectionist

When I read about children who are perfectionists, it clicked. No - she doesn't immediately look like a perfectionist. But the fear of not being perfect is just that. And it's holding her back in so many ways.

How to use a crêpe paddle

In 2018 The Mr expressed some interest in making waffles. I thought a waffle iron would be a great 2018 Christmas present for him from his daughters. Long story short: Didn't want to buy a big machine. I like 'Amish;' (i.e. non-electrical) kitchen gadgets. Looked into a proper waffle iron on Amazon etc. Reviews mixed. … Continue reading How to use a crêpe paddle