Dear Sainsbury’s – their response

A few weeks back I posted a copy of an email I sent to the UK supermarket chain 'Sainsbury's' about the excessive packaging of fresh fruit and veg in their stores. I received a reply.  I think you'll agree it's disastrously inadequate and only shows how little Sainsbury's in fact care about the environment. How … Continue reading Dear Sainsbury’s – their response

Dear Sainsbury’s

Dear Sainsburys, ARGH. Is all I can open with. Have you walked, recently, with open eyes into your fruit and vegetable section? PACKAGING. On almost everything. Non-recyclable film and endless clear trays. Yes, the trays are recyclable, but what energy is used in their manufacture, and re-manufacture? And how many of your customers really and … Continue reading Dear Sainsbury’s

Left Over Lasagne

I didn't hurt myself today. The finger I stabbed with the packet of pencils yesterday hasn't gone septic.   My scalded hand from that wee accident with the chamomile tea late at night in my sister's kitchen on Sunday has turned a little black in places, but otherwise the skin is drying out nicely and … Continue reading Left Over Lasagne

Blossom Fall – haiku

For the purposes of formatting, I've created this haiku as a jpeg (trying to format poetry in WordPress is pretty much impossible - happy to hear any tips).  I'm including the text here, too, for SEO: listless blossoms confetti the brideless path © Naomi Madelin 2013