Falling In – a lesson in laughter

I'm sure you have some 'coming of age memories' - moments you look back on and think 'I really learnt something that day.' .... Rafts on duck ponds sounded like just my sort of thing.  It looked like the day just might turn out all right.

Lost in not-very-much space (and other hyphenated phrases)

Baba is my youngest's absolute, all-time, must-have favourite toy. She loved her from the moment she arrived and in nearly every photo of her until she started school you see Baba in her hand. She's a little 'bashful lamb' from Jellycat. When my children were born we lived rurally and several of our neighbours had … Continue reading Lost in not-very-much space (and other hyphenated phrases)

S’no Fear

Since it snowed a lot, we’ve done some skiing. I don’t think I mentioned that it snowed a lot. Well it really and truly did. And it scared me. When you grow up in southern England, the idea of snow being scarey seems ridiculous. Snow is exciting. It’s unusual, and when it happens it’s a … Continue reading S’no Fear

Kinder No Surprise

I've decided to boycott Kinder Eggs this Easter - and forever more until they sort their shit out. What is 'surprising' about them any more? They've made them  blue or pink so that you can assist the gender stereotyping your children - as though they need THAT. PLUS and they have a picture of the theme … Continue reading Kinder No Surprise

Left Over Lasagne

I didn't hurt myself today. The finger I stabbed with the packet of pencils yesterday hasn't gone septic.   My scalded hand from that wee accident with the chamomile tea late at night in my sister's kitchen on Sunday has turned a little black in places, but otherwise the skin is drying out nicely and … Continue reading Left Over Lasagne

Little Miss Trouble ? There’ll be trouble from me….

  I sent this email today to Egmont Publishing:   Dear Madams and Sirs, Er, what century are we in again? Oh, that's right, it's the 21st Century.  Where we have learnt that hitting children teaches them that violence is the answer, so we don't do that any more.  We understand, don't we, that leading … Continue reading Little Miss Trouble ? There’ll be trouble from me….

Allowing Joy

To the person who removed my child's drawing from our front gate the other evening: I'm sorry that you feel the need to destroy joy. That makes me sad. For you. What went through your mind when you saw the innocent picture taped to the gate? What deep hurt rose in your heart and choked … Continue reading Allowing Joy