Crafty at Christmas

This year I got a dose of 'designer' ornament envy when I was browsing a lovely interiors shop that is my youngest's favourite store. So I did something DIY about it.

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 4

Delia Smith and her English Christmas Cake. I was surprised. Given the ingredients list and the ratio of fruit to cake, I had a hunch that I would prefer the Edmonds' cookery book Christmas cake and that it would win outright... Decoration I decided the cakes did need decorating. However I'm not a fan of … Continue reading The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 4

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 3

Wasn't a mace thing for whacking people with back in the olden days? Well, yes. Unfortunately it was/is rather a nasty blunt weapon I'd definitely not fancy being on the receiving end of. But it's also a spice.

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 2

t felt very long... I am a big fan of all-in-one cakes and a huge believer in just throwing everything in my Magimix, whatever the recipe says, and hoping. It seems to work. But I don't think the Magimix would have held all the Christmas cake ingredients, or coped with the thickness of the mix.  Especially the Edmonds one.  

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 1

Mum, it turns out, has always used a Delia Smith recipe. Terribly British.  She sent it to me and I compared it to the one in my New Zealand 'Edmonds' book.  Surprisingly different in fact. So, the Great Christmas Bake Off was declared. "I'll throw a Christmas tea," I thought, "and serve both cakes and get my guests to vote." What fun!

Amazing Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Fruit Cake

Go on then - in for a penny and all that.  I may as well share this rather luxurious recipe I've adapted from a non- GF one. It's just too good to keep to myself!  This is my third year of making it and I've almost got it just right. I think. My husband isn't … Continue reading Amazing Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Fruit Cake

Christmas Mincemeat (no fat)

This makes a ton of mincemeat ... not literally.  But you will need lots of large, sterilised jars before you start. Or save jam jars and give them as gifts - even if you give a jar on Christmas day it's a great gift, because it's even better next year! I don't really have a … Continue reading Christmas Mincemeat (no fat)

The Best Gluten Free Christmas Mince Pies !

Without any preamble, if you're gluten intolerant and love mince pies, this is the recipe for you! The Mincemeat See my recipe for easy suet-free, tangy Christmas mincemeat. Or buy some. Better to bake with bought mincemeat than not to bake at all. The Pastry I've always thought that the only pastry worth using for … Continue reading The Best Gluten Free Christmas Mince Pies !


I went to the supermarket looking for Greaseproof Paper.  Bog standard requirement for festive season baking.First off it was impossible to find at my local overpriced supermarket.  Usually there's one aisle that has things like paper plates, napkins, bin bags, food wrap and baking paper.  Often accompanied by detergent and cleaning cloths.  Not in our … Continue reading Imitations