The Best Chocolate Brownie You’ll Ever Taste

Chocolate and Valentine's Day go hand in hand. Whether you're single or in a relationship - treat yourself to this yummy chocolate brownie this week!


French Cream

What is with the French and their relationship to cream? If you haven’t spent heaps of time in France but have an inkling about their cuisine, your answer is likely “Ah yes, they love it, the French put cream it in everything.” Or do they? Because buying cream in France is nigh on impossible. If … Continue reading French Cream

New Zealand Fruity Custard Shortcake

Second time lucky cos WordPress or my sketchy laptop internet connection lost the first attempt... I'm diverging briefly from language and our adventures to post a yummy cake / dessert recipe... I posted this pic on my Facebook last week. It's a cake that was on sale at the Ginger Crunch Café in Helensville, New … Continue reading New Zealand Fruity Custard Shortcake

Amazing Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Fruit Cake

Go on then - in for a penny and all that.  I may as well share this rather luxurious recipe I've adapted from a non- GF one. It's just too good to keep to myself!  This is my third year of making it and I've almost got it just right. I think. My husband isn't … Continue reading Amazing Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Fruit Cake

Christmas Mincemeat (no fat)

This makes a ton of mincemeat ... not literally.  But you will need lots of large, sterilised jars before you start. Or save jam jars and give them as gifts - even if you give a jar on Christmas day it's a great gift, because it's even better next year! I don't really have a … Continue reading Christmas Mincemeat (no fat)

The Best Gluten Free Christmas Mince Pies !

Without any preamble, if you're gluten intolerant and love mince pies, this is the recipe for you! The Mincemeat See my recipe for easy suet-free, tangy Christmas mincemeat. Or buy some. Better to bake with bought mincemeat than not to bake at all. The Pastry I've always thought that the only pastry worth using for … Continue reading The Best Gluten Free Christmas Mince Pies !

Fire Fire! Fire Fire!

I don't know what your kids are like, but mine call me from all over the house, all the time.  "Mummy...",  "Mummy!",  "MUMMY!" So often I just ignore it, unless it sounds like pain. This afternoon I had two children doing after school activities in two rooms. One's doing a reading programme on the laptop … Continue reading Fire Fire! Fire Fire!