Make a Fairy or Angel Costume

Before you go and buy a cheap, or expensive, costume or dressups for your child, have a quick think about how you could make it yourself.  There are often easy, affordable and fun ways to achieve the look you or your child wants. I spotted the lady behind the counter in our local fabric shop … Continue reading Make a Fairy or Angel Costume

Left Over Lasagne

I didn't hurt myself today. The finger I stabbed with the packet of pencils yesterday hasn't gone septic.   My scalded hand from that wee accident with the chamomile tea late at night in my sister's kitchen on Sunday has turned a little black in places, but otherwise the skin is drying out nicely and … Continue reading Left Over Lasagne

Fire Fire! Fire Fire!

I don't know what your kids are like, but mine call me from all over the house, all the time.  "Mummy...",  "Mummy!",  "MUMMY!" So often I just ignore it, unless it sounds like pain. This afternoon I had two children doing after school activities in two rooms. One's doing a reading programme on the laptop … Continue reading Fire Fire! Fire Fire!

Holiday Home Instant Upcycled Dolls’ House

During a recent holiday at a seaside bach (that's Kiwi for holiday house, beach house, holiday cottage etc) I realised that I hadn't packed enough toys for my children.My logic had been that a holiday house is an exciting new place to be, and they wouldn't need too many toys.  I could give them pots … Continue reading Holiday Home Instant Upcycled Dolls’ House