The part where the French speak English

My French was doing quite well before this, I thought. The odd confusing email from a school could be picked over, and bits of it pasted into Google Translate if necessary, and sometimes to giggle at the clunky (but nonetheless helpful) translation.

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 2

t felt very long... I am a big fan of all-in-one cakes and a huge believer in just throwing everything in my Magimix, whatever the recipe says, and hoping. It seems to work. But I don't think the Magimix would have held all the Christmas cake ingredients, or coped with the thickness of the mix.  Especially the Edmonds one.  

100% no preservatives

Oops! I met my French friend for coffee this morning at her home. We talk a bit in French and a bit in English. It's hot, and our conversation moved to ice-cream and the merits of making it. We talked about the local ice-cream factory - a boutique but sizeable operation. I lamented that there … Continue reading 100% no preservatives

French Cream

What is with the French and their relationship to cream? If you haven’t spent heaps of time in France but have an inkling about their cuisine, your answer is likely “Ah yes, they love it, the French put cream it in everything.” Or do they? Because buying cream in France is nigh on impossible. If … Continue reading French Cream


We finally found a weekend to organise a little drinks do so we can meet a few more neighbours and invite the ones we already talk to. It took a few weeks of chatting about it to realise what we’re suggesting is probably an ‘apero’ - which is a Thing in France. We have been … Continue reading Apero-hensive

Stone the crows!

In a previous post I mentioned a wee 'trick' I've noticed to help with understanding words beginning é ('e' acute) : Replace the 'é' with an 's' and you fairly often see a word in English - or one like it, that has the same meaning. e.g. 'épice' becomes 'spice' - and guess what? That's … Continue reading Stone the crows!

The French Dog Poo Issue – I made a film

It's a scourge. I made a little film. It really doesn't scratch the surface. French dog poo (crotte) problem 1 Dogs with owners too lazy to bother, taking themselves for walks and pooing anywhere. Some of them VERY BIG dogs. Think St Bernards. They do VERY BIG poos. And have very big, scarey barks … Continue reading The French Dog Poo Issue – I made a film

A nice pile

We went round the corner to Val d'Isere today to find out how closed it is. How thawed it is. And have a look at where we're going to run our race in July. More on that soon. We walked along this path. Me: "See - we build dry stone walls. The French say 'let's … Continue reading A nice pile

S’no Fear

Since it snowed a lot, we’ve done some skiing. I don’t think I mentioned that it snowed a lot. Well it really and truly did. And it scared me. When you grow up in southern England, the idea of snow being scarey seems ridiculous. Snow is exciting. It’s unusual, and when it happens it’s a … Continue reading S’no Fear