What isn’t there

This week I was reminded to pay attention to what isn't there. I thought I'd pass it on in case you find it helpful somehow. I was looking at Pay-to-Play voiceover work sites and was initially disheartened by what I saw and heard. So many experienced, amazing-sounding female voice-overs. How would I ever find my … Continue reading What isn’t there

Haiku with parsnips

With thanks to the brilliant Michael Dylan Welch  and the introduction to  "Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku by a Bunch of Our Friends" for the inspiration. I first posted this senryu (like a haiku but a little more prosaic) on the previous iteration of Jumping Off Books over on Blogspot. *  *  * parents for lunch - Dad avoiding the … Continue reading Haiku with parsnips

Haiku hiatus

First off - I know you're meant to blog regularly if you want to get any sort of traction. I was doing quite well, then hit a bit of a black spot. Now I have this rush of things I realise I should have been posting. Blogger fail!  So I'm breaking all the rules and … Continue reading Haiku hiatus

reboot – haiku

new software  - I sneak a sunbathe during the reboot © Naomi Madelin 2016 _________________________________ Lovely forest image thanks to Scott Wylie on Flickr.  Original here.  Used under Creative Commons Licensing.

Blackberries – haiku

  back from foraging - the best blackberries in our garden © Naomi Madelin 2016     Thanks to Steve Lodefink on Flickr for the lovely photo of blackberries. Used here under Creative Commons licensing. If you like this poem, visit The Haiku Foundation's chapbook archive where you'll find an amazing library of short books of haiku … Continue reading Blackberries – haiku