They laugh at me

...when you're annoyed it kinda feels like that. Like you're cycling through all the colours. Doesn't it?



I’m enjoying myself, rocking up to strangers and demanding that they engage in conversation. They are enchanted...

Integrating – New School, New Language, New Culture

When we moved to France (at rather short notice) in March last year, we threw our two girls, aged 7 and 9, into the local school. Our experience was one of learning. This article aims to pass on some of our experiences, and lists my tips for smoothing the way in a new school, new … Continue reading Integrating – New School, New Language, New Culture

A vomit of French (I’m sorry to say…)

Sometimes I utter a phrase in French, which, as it leaves my mouth, I know to be utter garbage. Some recognisable words in there but strung together in an ugly melange of tenses that must sound horrible, with perhaps a hopeful colloquialism thrown in for good measure...

Stone the crows!

In a previous post I mentioned a wee 'trick' I've noticed to help with understanding words beginning é ('e' acute) : Replace the 'é' with an 's' and you fairly often see a word in English - or one like it, that has the same meaning. e.g. 'épice' becomes 'spice' - and guess what? That's … Continue reading Stone the crows!

Amo, amas, amat….

... a-something, a-something, amorem (?) This post was going to be about learning French. My own learning of French, rather than the learning of my absorbent children. Somehow I got distracted thinking about other language learning experiences in my life. So today we're chatting about... Latin The wisdom in my all girls’ grammar school was that … Continue reading Amo, amas, amat….