Where the heck are the raisins?

Let's not get too logical and put the Quaker's oats right next to the own-brand Flocons d'Avoine - it would make shopping far too easy (for the pesky immigrants like me, anyway...)



“Would you pass me the…. The… the green thing; long, green, crunchy that we eat with salad?” Nouns and proper nouns just seemed to fly out of my head without so much as a by-your-leave.

No en-suite. No dressing.

The simple things I didn’t know! A hob - that you cook on, is a plat cuisson, for example. I’ve never cooked with anyone French in the room and had to mention it…

Apero-priate and Apero-iciated

Gosh these weeks are flying by. Doesn't work get in the way?! So, there I was, bundle of not-sure and will-it-be-okay and all that in anticipation of our neighbours arriving for our apero's on the Saturday. At least we knew some people were coming. Unlike the trend set when we sent out invitations to our … Continue reading Apero-priate and Apero-iciated

Rich tea is round. Point finale!

It’s been ages and so much has happened. But the most important thing I have to say today is: Rich tea biscuits are round. Point finale! (That’s ‘full stop’ in French) Unless they are Rich Tea Fingers, which have their own special shape, are a little thinner, and officially Allowed. Why am I talking about … Continue reading Rich tea is round. Point finale!

Choosing schools in France

If you're moving your family to France and you have school-aged children, navigating the French school system can seem daunting. Read on for tips on choosing schools - yes, even in the state system you do have a choice, if you want.

Stone the crows!

In a previous post I mentioned a wee 'trick' I've noticed to help with understanding words beginning é ('e' acute) : Replace the 'é' with an 's' and you fairly often see a word in English - or one like it, that has the same meaning. e.g. 'épice' becomes 'spice' - and guess what? That's … Continue reading Stone the crows!