Unlearning Racism

I’ve followed Andrea’s blog for a while. She always writes thoughtfully. This one really needs spreading, so I’m re-blogging her post here. Do link to her and comment on the original. Unlike my naive belief growing up that use of racial slurs by White people was a litmus test for racism, I’m realizing embarrassingly late … Continue reading Unlearning Racism

Expectations Unknown – a return

...it's hard to control eyes hungry for the familiar... cafés once stopped at or favoured breaks. Trees whose names I hadn’t lost. The same shells on the beach. Things that made me feel “I belonged here, this is still a part of me. My heart is here.”

How to use a crêpe paddle

In 2018 The Mr expressed some interest in making waffles. I thought a waffle iron would be a great 2018 Christmas present for him from his daughters. Long story short: Didn't want to buy a big machine. I like 'Amish;' (i.e. non-electrical) kitchen gadgets. Looked into a proper waffle iron on Amazon etc. Reviews mixed. … Continue reading How to use a crêpe paddle

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 2

t felt very long... I am a big fan of all-in-one cakes and a huge believer in just throwing everything in my Magimix, whatever the recipe says, and hoping. It seems to work. But I don't think the Magimix would have held all the Christmas cake ingredients, or coped with the thickness of the mix.  Especially the Edmonds one.  

The Great Christmas Cake-Off : Part 1

Mum, it turns out, has always used a Delia Smith recipe. Terribly British.  She sent it to me and I compared it to the one in my New Zealand 'Edmonds' book.  Surprisingly different in fact.

So, the Great Christmas Bake Off was declared.

"I'll throw a Christmas tea," I thought, "and serve both cakes and get my guests to vote." What fun!

Thrifty Cook tip… candied peel

Shop-bought Candied peel is pricey, and comes in to-be-avoided 'single use' plastic containers.

Last Christmas I made my own. Turns out homemade candied peel is easy AND really tasty...

Birthday cakes over the years…

Ive been thinking about this post for ages. A little reminisce of the madness of birthday cake creation I dive into around this season. With children's birthdays and Christmas, my creative cake energies are kept busy. I keep saying 'no more', but somehow I get sucked back in! Some of these cakes have been accompanied … Continue reading Birthday cakes over the years…

Inutile… ‘useless’

Apparently my offer to help on a short, local, school trip is useless. Well, 'inutile'. Which, one has to assume, does not exactly, culturally, translate as 'useless'. Because that would be rude. Unless it's another little cultural quirk like 'the look'. Rude, but acceptable. What they gained in being enchanted, the French just lost in finding … Continue reading Inutile… ‘useless’

Running Up That Hill

I expect to always hike up the steep bits. Some steep bits are un-runnable, even for the Emelie Forsbergs of this world. But what I consider ‘steep’, what I consider I should be able to run, is changing.