Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

    wind-whipped stone-chipped tight-lipped she sits deep in her own story  © Naomi Madelin 2013   Image courtesy of HartwigHKG on Flikr, reproduced with Creative Commons License.    Read some of my haiku and other poetry: haiku - blossom fall (Spring) poem - I am no-one's wife (also published as "When You Meet Me") … Continue reading Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

Ring up my plea – Guilty As Charged

Something my husband said the other morning, I forget what, annoyed me just a wee bit - which broke a dream I'd been having just before waking.He'd bought me an engagement ring.WOW!  We got engaged in 2005 and married a few months later. I didn't have a ring. We were married with cheap 'greenstone' rings … Continue reading Ring up my plea – Guilty As Charged

Setting Up For Success

What is love?  Love is patient, love is kind and all that.  I'm realising more and more that Love sets up for success.Over the past eighteen months my marriage has gone through a lot of ups and downs and change. One thing I needed to do to help things along was get my husband to … Continue reading Setting Up For Success

"There’s no such thing as ‘let’s go back’"

It's a bit of a silly motto really.I mean, there are occasions and situations when going back makes sense, or when it's vital.When I dropped the ring my husband had given me (no - not an engagement ring.... waiting...) somewhere in the bush on a tramp, I went back.  Hmmm... small chance of finding that … Continue reading "There’s no such thing as ‘let’s go back’"

Lines in the Sand

I've decided to have my ring finger removed by elective surgery.No, it's not infected with gangrene. Nor do I have skin cancer. There has been no injury. But logic tells me that once I book the surgery, things will happen.Like, a ring will magically appear upon it.The one I didn't get seven years ago when … Continue reading Lines in the Sand

Writing My Heart

I’ll tell where my heart isI’ll try to.My heart is sunk, sad and slow, lost and unknowing in a maze of unknowingness. It left itself behind back when it was suggested it might be required.  Its presence wanted.It was afraid. It hid. I don’t know where I left it.Here it is.  In the fluffunder the sofa. Peeking … Continue reading Writing My Heart