What isn’t there

This week I was reminded to pay attention to what isn't there. I thought I'd pass it on in case you find it helpful somehow. I was looking at Pay-to-Play voiceover work sites and was initially disheartened by what I saw and heard. So many experienced, amazing-sounding female voice-overs. How would I ever find my … Continue reading What isn’t there

Minimal to Maximal

I've been quiet because we moved house, and haven't had internet (still don't - I'm hotspotting off my phone...not very realiable at all). Plus been a bit hectic, and it's summer hols and the kid are off, I'm meant to be working and amn't... And other excuses. Here's a quick one about moving house. Back … Continue reading Minimal to Maximal

How much is it worth to wait?

I am SO impatient with impatience. I mean, just because we CAN have it now, should we? Just because the marketers say "Hey - buy from us and you can have it YESTERDAY" - is that the best choice for me?

One room to rule them all!

Studio apartment living involves a lot of tidying  and a lot of moving stuff around. It doesn't involve an awful lot of stuff, as such, but what you have has to fit and has to work in the limited space. And you often have to move that to there, this into the space then the … Continue reading One room to rule them all!

Freedom is…

An near-empty piste on changeover day. A short tour over the back of the mountain out of sight of town, with fresh powder days after it’s snowed. Living in small flat and having less ‘stuff’. Choosing your lifestyle. Reaching all the kitchen cabinets without moving from the spot next to your compact dishwasher. Having a … Continue reading Freedom is…

Fitting in: 29m2, 4 humans, 1 cat, 1 hamster

  Our day begins On a weekday at 7:05am (cos we don’t like 7am - too early!) alarm goes off. One of us (usually me at the mo) gets out of bed to turn it off & throw open the curtains to see what we’ve got today. TODAY = THE SUN COMING UP ON THE … Continue reading Fitting in: 29m2, 4 humans, 1 cat, 1 hamster