We’re Open

I'm so excited! Tomorrow a SHOP opens in our village. Yay! And it's my favourite boulangerie with the best croissants (no sticky sugar glaze on top). To be fair we've only been without an open shop since the start of May, so it's not even a full two months, but still... When you realise there's … Continue reading We’re Open

In search of Spring

We keep thinking it's finally reached us. Wherever snow melts, green appears overnight. Even the rocks on the mountainside seem to turn green the day the snow melts off them, as though there's a longing for green welling up from the earth. Then the other day it snowed. And though it hasn't since, it's cold … Continue reading In search of Spring

Return to winter ?

We think we're done with living in 29m2.  It's been a great year, and we are so fortunate to have had this little place to come to when we were in a bind. But it was never our intention to stay for a year, let alone more than that. I've passed it in the rain … Continue reading Return to winter ?

Beautiful, fun snow!

Another post just celebrating the beautiful French Alps in winter. And a few snaps of some fun stuff we did. This season was our first full winer living in France and in the mountains. It was also my initiation into off piste skiing. Some scary moments and I certainly knew my heart was working! The … Continue reading Beautiful, fun snow!

Winter Beauty and our Big Snow

I feel I haven't shared enough of the beauty of the mountains in winter. I say to my girls 'When I was your age I hadn't seen anything remotely like this.' We have to remind ourselves to stop, when we're out skiing, and breathe and look around us at the amazing place we are in. … Continue reading Winter Beauty and our Big Snow

S’no Fear

Since it snowed a lot, we’ve done some skiing. I don’t think I mentioned that it snowed a lot. Well it really and truly did. And it scared me. When you grow up in southern England, the idea of snow being scarey seems ridiculous. Snow is exciting. It’s unusual, and when it happens it’s a … Continue reading S’no Fear

Driving on ice!

With the husb going away regularly I decided this week was the week to bite the bullet and have a go at driving in the snow. Even though we have an excellent free in-season bus service between our little town at the top end of the lake, and the main town at the bottom end, … Continue reading Driving on ice!


The next thing I knew, there was a voice somewhere in the background saying something about having been unconscious for more than five minutes.... Girls on bikes With The Fear firmly conquered, I was determined to go on the girls' mountain biking day organised by a local bike shop. Having two under 10's makes it … Continue reading Crash


It wasn't long before April was fast approaching along with that trip to Milan - the four-days-and-three-nights one the school were taking our seven year old on.  And, it turned out, the year below her too!  Good luck those teachers. Isla was excited and nervous in turns, and as a consequence (in my opinion) put … Continue reading Milano

The first few weeks

There's school, with it's 'unimaginative' playground. A concrete oblong. I think about the parents in the UK who'd complained about the playground at the girls' school there. That it was boring. It was actually pretty great. But the French playground? A blank canvas. Into which the children bring imagination, skipping ropes, clap hand games, diablos and hop … Continue reading The first few weeks