Remembering Friends #1: Pillowcases

Every time I change the pillow cases on our corner pillows - those right-angle v-shaped ones that are great when you want to read in bed, have a bad cold, or drank one (or a few) too many glasses of wine - every time I change those pillow cases I remember my lovely friend Nan. … Continue reading Remembering Friends #1: Pillowcases

New Zealand Fruity Custard Shortcake

Second time lucky cos WordPress or my sketchy laptop internet connection lost the first attempt... I'm diverging briefly from language and our adventures to post a yummy cake / dessert recipe... I posted this pic on my Facebook last week. It's a cake that was on sale at the Ginger Crunch Café in Helensville, New … Continue reading New Zealand Fruity Custard Shortcake

Flashback: Birthed by the Earth

When we lived in New Zealand (it makes me sad even to write that - it feels like a past time in history, and I want NZ to be in my now… sighs… having more than one homeland is hard!).  So, digressing again… when we lived in our countryside some in New Zealand I wanted … Continue reading Flashback: Birthed by the Earth

The Look: how the French make you squirm

So I started researching this article by Googling things like ‘Filthy look, French’. That delivered  lots of translations and suggestions for how to say ‘filthy look’ in French. I tried, ‘French, France, dirty look’ and got articles expressing an opinion that the French are none too clean (hmmm, our own showering rate has definitely declined … Continue reading The Look: how the French make you squirm

My first book – Out Now!

It’s not that her London life is destroying her, but it’s not inspiring her, either. And the fact is, Naomi’s in love - with New Zealand.

"There’s no such thing as ‘let’s go back’"

It's a bit of a silly motto really.I mean, there are occasions and situations when going back makes sense, or when it's vital.When I dropped the ring my husband had given me (no - not an engagement ring.... waiting...) somewhere in the bush on a tramp, I went back.  Hmmm... small chance of finding that … Continue reading "There’s no such thing as ‘let’s go back’"

How feminine are we?

I've been conducting some research on how feminine people think New Zealand women are.Have your say!  Take a moment to consider these short questions and pop your answers in to a comment on this blog.  Oh, and if you're enjoying my posts, click on the left to follow me!I'll post a link to the article … Continue reading How feminine are we?