There's a great sense of satisfaction in MacGyvering something. I love it. I love the whole thing. The looking at the problem, the working out what size the hole is, how wide the bit was....


Running confession

Bless me, dear Universal Consciousness, for I have fallen from the trail. It has been nearly two weeks since my last run.

Is Motherhood Worthy of Your CV?

Once upon a time when I started by blog it was on Blogspot. I'd forgotten all about it until recently. I didn't write too regularly back then - more in fits and starts. But I've decided to re-post some of the good ones. This one resonated because I'm about to post my first article on … Continue reading Is Motherhood Worthy of Your CV?

How much is it worth to wait?

I am SO impatient with impatience. I mean, just because we CAN have it now, should we? Just because the marketers say "Hey - buy from us and you can have it YESTERDAY" - is that the best choice for me?


In brief, the beloved lost toy is found. She’s been missing a whole month, and it was quite by chance that she was discovered. Her disappearance was quite the mystery - we’d been to the Chalet Carton, found a little wicker bed that was clearly made for her, came home and she was nowhere to … Continue reading Found

Lost in not-very-much space (and other hyphenated phrases)

Baba is my youngest's absolute, all-time, must-have favourite toy. She loved her from the moment she arrived and in nearly every photo of her until she started school you see Baba in her hand. She's a little 'bashful lamb' from Jellycat. When my children were born we lived rurally and several of our neighbours had … Continue reading Lost in not-very-much space (and other hyphenated phrases)

Tough – Like a girl

"Aren't we supposed to guide our children through the difficult parts of life, equipping them with skills like finding coping strategies, perseverance, boldness, diplomacy?'