The Ways Are Open

Of course! Other bubbles meeting my bubble!...It's fun. It's engaging. It's rewarding to connect more, to widen the circle, to include new and more and different.

Expectations Unknown – a return's hard to control eyes hungry for the familiar... cafés once stopped at or favoured breaks. Trees whose names I hadn’t lost. The same shells on the beach. Things that made me feel “I belonged here, this is still a part of me. My heart is here.”

Fragile arrogance

For the past year I've been training to become a Voice Over artist / actor. It's taken too long... I won't list my reasons. Safe to say life is very full and I don't prioritise my own desires and ambitions enough, among other excuses! A couple of days ago I tuned into an online live … Continue reading Fragile arrogance

Time to knock the expats on the head?

Looking around the web the other week for some supporting articles on subjects I was researching for this blog, I kept falling upon 'ex-pat' websites.  Sites like 'Expatica', '' and 'Internations' to name just a few - full of references to 'ex-pats' all over the world. Today I started to look at the kinds of … Continue reading Time to knock the expats on the head?

My first book – Out Now!

It’s not that her London life is destroying her, but it’s not inspiring her, either. And the fact is, Naomi’s in love - with New Zealand.

And we’re still moving…

Clearly I'm not in the mood, this year, to write a dull old tale in chronological order. I've plunged here and I've plunged there and I'm blaming my summer bump on the head for an inconsistent rush of odd memories I've had a sudden urge to document. My current subject here on Jumping Off Books … Continue reading And we’re still moving…

Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

    wind-whipped stone-chipped tight-lipped she sits deep in her own story  © Naomi Madelin 2013   Image courtesy of HartwigHKG on Flikr, reproduced with Creative Commons License.    Read some of my haiku and other poetry: haiku - blossom fall (Spring) poem - I am no-one's wife (also published as "When You Meet Me") … Continue reading Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

haiku – apology

shape of the 'cello - wondering how to respond to his apology Naomi Madelin © 2014   thanks to Matthew Bajoras for the image under Creative Commons   published in  Volume 24, Number 1 of Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society  


There's this implicit trust that when they leap, you will catch them. That when they are sleepy, you will carry them and hold them tight. There is no fear. No sense that they may be dropped or let go.  They just flop and know that they will be loved, held, looked after, safe. Incredible. Amazing. … Continue reading Entrusted

Haiku with parsnips

parents for lunch -  Dad avoiding the parsnips among other things with thanks to the brilliant Michael Dylan Welch  and the introduction to  "Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku by a Bunch of Our Friends" © Naomi Madelin 2013