What isn’t there

This week I was reminded to pay attention to what isn't there. I thought I'd pass it on in case you find it helpful somehow. I was looking at Pay-to-Play voiceover work sites and was initially disheartened by what I saw and heard. So many experienced, amazing-sounding female voice-overs. How would I ever find my … Continue reading What isn’t there

On catching dreams

Last year while I was out on a run in the mountains my mind wandered, as it does, and this time it visited my childhood dreams. It struck me that if you'd told me back then that I'd live in a ski resort high in the French Alps I would have just been confused. I … Continue reading On catching dreams

Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

    wind-whipped stone-chipped tight-lipped she sits deep in her own story  © Naomi Madelin 2013   Image courtesy of HartwigHKG on Flikr, reproduced with Creative Commons License.    Read some of my haiku and other poetry: haiku - blossom fall (Spring) poem - I am no-one's wife (also published as "When You Meet Me") … Continue reading Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

Allowing Joy

To the person who removed my child's drawing from our front gate the other evening: I'm sorry that you feel the need to destroy joy. That makes me sad. For you. What went through your mind when you saw the innocent picture taped to the gate? What deep hurt rose in your heart and choked … Continue reading Allowing Joy

Haiku Tea II – Linked Verse

I've had a great few weeks getting involved with a Haiku group over on Google Plus.I watched and waited for a while, then thought "hey, I may as well plunge in and see what happens." Well, what happened was, I wrote some haiku!  It's been a while and this was a great way to get … Continue reading Haiku Tea II – Linked Verse