Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

    wind-whipped stone-chipped tight-lipped she sits deep in her own story  © Naomi Madelin 2013   Image courtesy of HartwigHKG on Flikr, reproduced with Creative Commons License.    Read some of my haiku and other poetry: haiku - blossom fall (Spring) poem - I am no-one's wife (also published as "When You Meet Me") … Continue reading Random poem – ‘stonechipped’

Writing My Heart

I’ll tell where my heart isI’ll try to.My heart is sunk, sad and slow, lost and unknowing in a maze of unknowingness. It left itself behind back when it was suggested it might be required.  Its presence wanted.It was afraid. It hid. I don’t know where I left it.Here it is.  In the fluffunder the sofa. Peeking … Continue reading Writing My Heart