The Ways Are Open

Of course! Other bubbles meeting my bubble!...It's fun. It's engaging. It's rewarding to connect more, to widen the circle, to include new and more and different.


I went for a run the other day. I took the little wooded trail that goes up the local hill to the chef lieu (village centre, which isn’t really what you’d think of as the middle of the village, but it’s where the 'Mairie' - the town hall, post office and schools are. And in … Continue reading Snicket

Fragile arrogance

For the past year I've been training to become a Voice Over artist / actor. It's taken too long... I won't list my reasons. Safe to say life is very full and I don't prioritise my own desires and ambitions enough, among other excuses! A couple of days ago I tuned into an online live … Continue reading Fragile arrogance

Pining for the Lonesome Trail

Why do we trail run? We run to challenge ourselves. For camaraderie. For exercise. Because we can do it from our front door. When we want to. For as long, or as little, as we feel like. To explore. For headspace. To be alone. I think one thing unites trail runners, whichever boxes we tick- … Continue reading Pining for the Lonesome Trail