We finally found a weekend to organise a little drinks do so we can meet a few more neighbours and invite the ones we already talk to. It took a few weeks of chatting about it to realise what we’re suggesting is probably an ‘apero’ - which is a Thing in France. We have been … Continue reading Apero-hensive


Flashback: Birthed by the Earth

When we lived in New Zealand (it makes me sad even to write that - it feels like a past time in history, and I want NZ to be in my now… sighs… having more than one homeland is hard!).  So, digressing again… when we lived in our countryside some in New Zealand I wanted … Continue reading Flashback: Birthed by the Earth

Rich tea is round. Point finale!

It’s been ages and so much has happened. But the most important thing I have to say today is: Rich tea biscuits are round. Point finale! (That’s ‘full stop’ in French) Unless they are Rich Tea Fingers, which have their own special shape, are a little thinner, and officially Allowed. Why am I talking about … Continue reading Rich tea is round. Point finale!

Minimal to Maximal

I've been quiet because we moved house, and haven't had internet (still don't - I'm hotspotting off my phone...not very realiable at all). Plus been a bit hectic, and it's summer hols and the kid are off, I'm meant to be working and amn't... And other excuses. Here's a quick one about moving house. Back … Continue reading Minimal to Maximal

Choosing schools in France

If you're moving your family to France and you have school-aged children, navigating the French school system can seem daunting. Read on for tips on choosing schools - yes, even in the state system you do have a choice, if you want.

Apart from the weather…

I'm in the middle of a move again and haven't much time to write.... well, I could, but the weather this time is rather lovely so we're plunging in the lake to cool off from box emptying and furniture moving.