Just running

(And stopping to snap pics!)

Pining for the Lonesome Trail

Why do we trail run? We run to challenge ourselves. For camaraderie. For exercise. Because we can do it from our front door. When we want to. For as long, or as little, as we feel like. To explore. For headspace. To be alone. I think one thing unites trail runners, whichever boxes we tick- … Continue reading Pining for the Lonesome Trail

Instructions in French

The French love to do things in person. On the one hand it can feel frustratingly two-decades-ago. On the other, it’s rather lovely. Example: to re-enroll my daughter for next year for her after-school theatre class, I couldn’t; send an email, telephone, complete an online form. Instead I had to get my person to the … Continue reading Instructions in French

100% no preservatives

Oops! I met my French friend for coffee this morning at her home. We talk a bit in French and a bit in English. It's hot, and our conversation moved to ice-cream and the merits of making it. We talked about the local ice-cream factory - a boutique but sizeable operation. I lamented that there … Continue reading 100% no preservatives

What do they speak when they get home?

That innocent question, “What do they speak when they get home”, I realise, was the tip of the iceberg of the huge undertaking that is settling into and integrating into a new country.

Our deep denial

It is our responsibility. Yes, it is. If we are blessed to live in democracies where we can speak up, where we have freedom of choice, then it is our responsibility to USE OUR FREEDOM to make things right.


There's a great sense of satisfaction in MacGyvering something. I love it. I love the whole thing. The looking at the problem, the working out what size the hole is, how wide the bit was....